Press Release: Park Agency print shop plants 222 tree’s in its first year of operation at the new retail space in Parkdale

  • April 12, 2017
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April is the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of the Park Agency Print Shop’s retail space at 1418 Queen St. West in Toronto. We would like to thank all of our customers who have helped make us Parkdale’s local print shop. Professional printing helps people that need resume’s get jobs, business’s who need signage attract more customers and restaurants who need wallpaper set a new trend. We can confidently say that our efforts have made Toronto more colourful and successful. Over our first year listened to your feedback, offering new services such as wall art, photo printing and gifting items, and we plan to continue to add innovative print products that suit the needs of our community.

Additionally, over the past year, our environmental initiative which donates 1% of paper sales to tree planting, has raised enough funds to plant 222 tree’s this Spring, through Forests Ontario’s tree planting program. Our core belief is that if we can help people with their individual and business needs, while impacting positively on the environment, we have a really great model that sends the right message.

Thanks again to everyone who has helped make our store a success in its first year!

Park Agency Print Shop –

Print Shop Holiday Hours – December 23rd pickup deadline!

  • December 11, 2016
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* HOLIDAY DEADLINE ANNOUNCEMENT * Park Agency Print Shop will be officially closed from DECEMBER 24th 2016 through JANUARY 2nd 2017. All completed print jobs must be picked up on or before December 23rd 2016, or they can be received in the new year from January 3rd onwards. Some of our products take time to manufacture, and due to our holiday rush, we recommend ordering as soon as possible to make sure you don’t miss the deadline. While we will try our absolute best, we cannot guarantee that certain products from December 11th onwards, will arrive before Christmas.

We would like to thank to all of our amazing customers for allowing us to help you with your print needs in our first year of operation as a new business. We really appreciate being a part of the Parkdale community and having the opportunity to help people from all over the city make there printed products come to life.

Happy holidays, merry christmas to all and a happy new year!

Fujifilm Photo Printing Service now available

  • September 01, 2016
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After receiving a lot of requests to print images, we decided it was time to upgrade our photo printing game. We now have an onsite Fujifilm photo printer that can print images up to 8″ x 12″+. Fujifilms 6 ink technology allows for greater colour representation and the photos are printed on official Fujifilm media. Stop by today with your digital photos and we will print them with 1 hr. turn around!

New Retail Print Shop in Parkdale – NOW OPEN!

  • April 01, 2016
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WE’RE EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE we’ve launched our new retail space in the heart of Parkdale, Toronto Canada. Our retail space has two methods of touchscreen printing; one for regular printing from USB, Dropbox and more, and another that specializes in photo prints from Facebook, Instagram or iPhone. Additionally, we offer two sit-down workstation terminals with Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Suite for more advanced printing needs.

Park Agency Print Shop is located at 1418 Queen Street West. We provide the community with self-serve walk-up printing, large format and business printing services. We have multiple in-house presses and work with a network of large print providers, allowing us to print any size or volume on time. Come speak with us today about your next print project!

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