Green Initiative

Green Initiative

Park Agency sustainable use policy

  • We use a minimum of 30% post-consumer waste paper products for our self serve stations and for our most of our popular regular paper types
  • All waste paper and plastics are sent to recycling when possible
  • We use recyclable bags in our recycling waste containers
  • Our popular paper brands are required to use FSC certified sourced wood for fibre sources
  • We do not use plastic bags as a standard checkout procedure, only kraft paper bags are generally used
  • We take used toners and disposable printer machine parts to a recycling centre for proper disposal / parts reuse
  • We recently replaced the boiler in our facility with a high efficiency model for general building and water heating, saving approximately half of the emissions

Sustainability Initiative

Additionally, we make regular donations to Forest Ontario, to help offset our use of paper from tree's. So far we have planted 222 tree's and plan to plant even more soon in the upcoming spring season.

If you have any questions or ideas about how we can improve our environmental impact, please send us a message onΒ our contact page.